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Review – Buzzidil Wrapidil Wraptai Halfbuckle

I usually prefer our wraps or ring sling for quick ups but I also know about the advantages of a good carrier. When I have to work and photograph other families I carry our baby on my back and wrapping has to be quick and easy, it also must be possible to wear him in the front for some cuddles in between or for nursing. So I often use a halbuckle because of it’s varity and easy use.

This Wrapidil from Buzzidil has a buckled waist belt and straps to tie and spread. so it is possible to customize it to your needs. You can flip the shoulder straps like you do in a kangaroo carry to get the top rail very tight or just lay all the fabric on your shoulder like you do in a simple ruck. You can also cross the straps under the baby’s bum and spread it over it to get more support and a wider base and you can even do a knotless or tibetan finish in the front to take some weight off your shoulders. That’s why I really prefer a halfbuckle over all the other styles of carriers: it is almost like a wrap.
The Wrapidil has a straight waist belt which is padded so that it transfers a lot of weight from your shoulder to your hip. Unfortunately the padding isn’t under the buckle so that it can dig a little bit when it’s closed. I also like an ergonomic formed waist belt more because it adapts better to the babywearer’s body which is more comfortable and makes a better seat for the baby.

The waist belt goes through the back panel which has a width adaption so that you can make the base of the carrier smaller for newborns and small babies. it’s very easy to get the perfect width by adjusting it with two strings. There is also a seconds adaption a little bit higher on the back panel and the possibility to reduce the width of the neck part to get the perfect adjustment for your baby.
a really smart feature is the hood. You can make it smaller in every way or roll it if you don’t need it. If you want to carry on your back and it might be possible that the child falls asleep you can attach the end of the hood already at the shoulder string before wrapping with a little button – without disturbing the awake child. When it sleeps you can easily get the hood up to hold the head, even with T-Rex arms 😉 I think this is a really nice invention and very helpul for daily wrapping.
The Wrapidil is made of Buzzidil’s wrap fabric in 100% cotton. It is soft, strong and this one we tested has a really nice shimmer. It’s nice to have easy care fabric because I use a carrier often outside and especially in this time of the year it gets dirty sometimes.
The shoulder straps are around 2m long which is okay for me but I think that bigger parents might have problems. Same problem with the waist belt: the strap isn’t very long.

I tried the halfbuckle very often in different ways and it was always comfortable. At the beginning I needed a little bit of practice to get a good seat but when I got used to the carrier it was easy to wrap with it and our baby always had a very nice position. After a while I found the waist belt a little bit diggy because of it’s shape.

A Wrapidil costs between 129,90€ and 139,90€ and I think for this money it is a great carrier for everyone who struggles with a wrap but wants to have all the advantages of a woven wrap. Buzzidil says that you can use it from birth up to 3 years which covers the whole babywearing period for many people. It is a great choice if different family members want to use it because it can be adjusted to everyone while wrapping so that everyone can enjoy it.


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