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Review -Mo Dream Machine Woven Collection

100% mercerised bio cotton, jaquard weave

May 2015
Wrapee: 26months, around 11kg

I had the pleasure to test the first machine woven wraps from Mo Dream. We already know this brand by it’s beautiful handwoven wraps with the most even weaving work I ever saw. So I was really curious how these machine woven wraps would be.
I recieved five different wraps in different colours and sizes so that I could really test everything with them in the last weeks. I took one of them and washed and tumble dried it a few times so that I could compare it to a completely new one. I wear one of them more then the other so that I could see how wrapping effects the softness. And I really enjoyed having all these possibilities this time. Of course you remember how a wrap was before washing or wrapping but having before and after in your hand at the same time makes a huge difference and you can notice every single thing that changed.


When the wraps came to me, they were already washed and ironed. The owner of Mo Dream cuts the wraps by herself and give it to e professionel sewer. The seams are very exact and it all looks like I expect it from a high end wrap. The weaving is very even and perfact. No flaws, no threads that leave their place and even after a lot of washing and wearing: no pilling. The yarn has a really great quality. The colours are just amazing. Like the handwoven wraps these colours are bright and shining, very shimmery in different light. They came in two diffierent designs: leaves and flowers which are both very clear and static. I like geometric patterns a lot so I’m especially in love with the leaves. When I saw the first teaser photos I wasn’t sure if I like the colour combinations of two colours like purple&orange or purple&blue but now these are my favourites.
When I first touched it I was surprised. The wraps are weaved really really dense. It’s not this soft and fluffy feeling you have with other brands. Yes, it is definitely absolutely different from what you ever felt before. Perhaps it’s difficult for some of you to get used to something new but I’m sure there will be people who like this.

So I started wrapping to break these beauties in. At the firs times I struggled… First of all these wraps have an ordinary width of around 70cm. I’m totally used to wraps with 60cm so this afforded a little of practice again. And the stiffness because of this dense weaving wasn’t easy to handle, too. But that’s why I like long testing periods: you have to get to know the wrap. You have to feel how it „behaves“ while wrapping, how it is gliding and what you have to do to get a good wrapjob. Wraps are so different from each other that you can’t test a wrap within three days. Not if the review shell be more then a first impression.

I tried and tried it every day and got better. While a ruck was a real challenge at first I got a proper DHR or double hammock in the next few days. The wraps became softer with every wrapping but they are still more stiff then other wraps. When you wrap it, it is not like a second skin that is laying around you and your baby. It is more like a strong helper who is carrying your child. Because that’s the big advantage of this dense weaving: it is super supportive and toddler worthy. I probably wouldn’t wrap a newborn in it as it is too wide and not soft enough but I think this wrap also makes a ruck with a heavy pre schooler comfortable.

The knot is pretty big and a little bit difficult to tighten but if you got it it won’t move anymore and makes a secure carry. I also tested the wrap over a longer time (with an up-and-down toddler 45minutes count as ‚long‘) and I had the feeling that the wrap layed very flat on the shoulder, so there isn’t much cush. Perhaps that could be difficult with picky shoulders. But nothing was sagging, the wrap stayed where it should be.


All in all I would recommend these Mo Dream machine wovens for people who need a very strong wrap for their toddlers and who are already used to wrapping. This isn’t something for beginners or consultancies but I don’t think that these are the main target group of Mo Dreams. It’s for moms & dads who like to test new things and who aren’t afraid for something different. You should know that it takes a longer period to be broken and and also for you to get used to this different wrapping feeling. But I’m sure that thee will be a lot of people who will love these kind of wraps.

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