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Review – Woven Wings Coconut

62% combed cotton and 38% egyptian cotton

May 2015
Wrapee: 26 months and around 11kg

Warning: this text contains a massive use of the word „soft“

There were already so many words said about this wrap so I will keep it short. At the very end of this testing tour I was allowed to jump in line for the natty tester. White wraps are a thing that you love or hate. With a little squish that sleeps the hole day and doesn’t move it could be awesome and beautiful. With a snoddy toddler who loves strawberries and mudd and wants to got up and down I was a little bit afraid. So I have to be honest that I didn’t do the playground test 😉 But let’s begin at the… well, at the beginning of course.

I already had a short touch at this wrap when we where in London at the WW sling meet. Another mama had her baby in it and I only touched the tail and was amazed. So soft and… silky? Is it silk? It felt to creamy and oh I just wanted to have this as a huge blanket for our sofa evenings. But no, it is really just cotton and this is unbelievable. You know, Woven Wings get really really soft once they’re broken in but this is a new level of softness.

I never forget about that touch-experience and was very excited when I got the tester. I opened the package and yes, there it was. The same softness and I couldn’t await to wrap our toddler in it. Because of this silky feeling it was a little bit slippery at the first try as I didn’t know the wrap yet. But at the next days I got used to it and it wasn’t a problem any more. This wrap is, like most of the Geos, pretty thin. It is a little bit thicker than Leicester Square (100% egyptian cotton) but – yes, again – softer. So I decided to try a double hammock. The passes glided perfectly in place and it was a pleasure to wrap with it. It’s like a second skin, the knot it small and it holds so good. No sagging, no pain on the shoulders, it’s just what we know from Woven Wings.

I can imagine that this blend makes the most perfect newborn wraps ever. Especially in summer for people who start sweating in the merino Geos, like me. The colour, well… I wouldn’t chose a white wrap even if you can wash it in the machine as it is an all cotton. I’m one of these moms who use the wrap as a picknick blanket or as a tissue for the baby. But it would be the perfect wedding wrap! For toddlers I would recommend a double layer carry as it takes more weight off your shoulders with thinner wraps. But that’s a matter of taste and trying. I think this is a huge improvement in comparison with the older all cottons and I’m looking forward to see what colour combinations Sarah and Christina will chose.


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